Happylegs, The sitting walking machin

Exercise your legs, exercise your heart with Happylegs.

Happylegs mueve tus piernas

The Happylegs Automatic Exerciser improves the health of anyone who spends long hours sitting or standing without moving around. Rated the Best Invention in the Health and Fitness category in the USA, it is made in Spain, and built to last.

Activate yourself with Happylegs

Strengthens your legs effortlessly.

Eliminates swelling in legs and ankles.

Reinforces the cardiac function, even in people with pacemakers.

Increase your Mobility

Aumenta tu movilidad con Happylegs

Disappearance of bruises or wounds on the legs.

Considerable improvement in restless legs syndrome and chronic fatigue.

Greater autonomy in users with cognitive disorders.

Look after your health while you work

Happylegs, Ergonomía en el trabajo

Improved ergonomics, helping you to maintain good posture while seated.

Disappearance of back and lumbar pain caused by a static posture.

Continuous movement prevents tired legs and pins and needles.

Helps prevent vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.

Happylegs beats the Sedentary Lifestyle

Happylegs combate el sedentarismo

Effective treatment for diabetes and excess weight.

Medical specialists confirm its effectiveness on the health of their patients.

Award winner in the the USA and the UK as best new Health and Fitness product.

Bestselling product in the health sector since 2008. FDA-regulated.

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